fat loss training (our main goal)

LEAN uses the most efficient method of exercise for fat loss: whole body resistance exercise. Our program trains large and small muscle groups in a program that not only guarantees you calorie expenditure in training but also in hours of your elevated metabolism after the session is over.

Starting at $45|session

Strength training (get muscle)

LEAN is a strength-training facility, where bodyweight, free weights, dual pulley systems, TRX, and countless other fitness toys challenge you to develop a healthy muscle tone. Maintaining healthy muscle doesn’t just improve aesthetics, it helps support joints, improves mobility and promotes an elevated metabolism.

Starting at $45|session

Quality of Life (the real reason to go lean)

LEAN individualizes your workout: programming exercise selection, repetition counts and workout pace per your needs to meet your fitness goals. LEAN sculpts your exercise program to help you physically do what your life demands, in and out of the gym.

Starting at $45|session

what They’re Saying

Client Testimonials

Jeff was recommended to me by a PT after a lengthy period of back pain and post-knee replacement recovery. I was in the worst shape in my recent memory. I’ve always been pretty active but never sustained a regular exercise plan for more than a few months at a time. After 14 months of working with Jeff, I feel stronger and am for the most part pain free. Jeff plans my workouts thoughtfully and appropriately for a person of my age and physical level. That being said, he is always challenging me and advancing the work so that I continue to improve. He has been supportive of my efforts to improve my eating habits.


Amy W.

I have been a client at LEAN for over a decade and go twice a week. My trainer, Min, challenges me with new exercises and helps protect me from injury by correcting my form. I find my workouts to be an essential part of my life and know that I am in better health as a result. I highly recommend LEAN to those interested.

Tom C.

My husband and I enjoyed our workouts with Elexus so much that we quickly added a third session each week. She is highly attentive, encouraging, and continues to change things up so we are never bored. She researches what we request and is a very detailed instructor. We truly look forward to working out.

Mary T.


Starting at $45/session

LEAN requires no additional fees besides appointment cost, and clients meet according to a “per session” schedule.


Personal and professional attention from your trainer


Shower and locker access


Plentiful free parking

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